Hi, I'm kooh.

This is my provisional site. I create new portfolio page every year by using my latest skills. But my new portfolio is under construction.

Last year's portfolio is Here. This following (It's me) is my recent project.

It's me.

In near future, thanks to the revolution of AI, various agents that can do many things will be created. For example, these can reply an e-mail, chat with others, drive a car and so on. But the agent may be copied by someone to do bad things. Considering it, we must prove whether an agent is certified or not. Therefore I create the system to realize it by Block Chain. In my system, we can issue our editions of identity, in other words a token of self. This is similar to the edition system for the work of art. In the edition of work, there are the editions of it. In contrast, in my project, we can issue the edition of our identity and prove that an agent is admitted by this certificate.

My fictional web service in 2030 where you can issue your identity.


But a new solution always creates a new problem. I raise the problem as an artist to make the seed of discussion. Please watch the following video.

Fake Documentary

This video is the fake documentary which is made by supposing of the world in 2030. In this video, there is problem that the agent of a famous singer injures a person. Admitting that an agent is true means having the responsibility of its behavior. And as other problem, to increase permitted agents cause Identity Inflation that make the value of an original person decrease relatively. For details, please watch this video. As my second work about this project, there is certified Bot.

The certified bot


This Bot is admitted by my identity edition on Block Chain. It says bad things automatically and randomly. And I must responsibility of its remark because there is the certificate of me. Through this practice, I want to tell my project.

Recently, I think the time when body dies leaving certified agents. In that time, we need describe the death of original person. In order to do it, we may send the dead man’s editions to the address that can prove the death. In other ward, this is Underworld Address. It is the future funeral ceremony.

Ko Ishihara

I develop the system of Block Chain as scientist, and express its poteitial as artist.